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Les performances en musique (les music painting) 

Music painting is artistic performance in music. In the logical sequence of happenings of the Gutaï movement, the painter Gérard Besset realizes large frescoes.


As part of a search for the plastic expression of music, the painter is accompanied by a trio of jazz but also dancers.


This encounter between music and painting offers a visual and gestural spectacle where music is materialized in plays of colors and traces. The painting thus offers a thickness to the note, a plastic dimension.


The music paintings of the painter Gérard Besset can take several forms. Accompanied by dancers, the painter's music painting gives the music a three-dimensional physical existence through a choreography that unites the dancers and the painter in the same creative universe.


Thus the plastic expression is released from its support to play with the bodies, thus multiplying the dimensions. From this show is born a set of fragments that are subsequently offered to the public.




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